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Planning Appeals
When you feel like you have hit a brick wall!

Have you recently got a planning refusal and are unsure of your options?  We are able to advise you of the best way forward, whether this involves a fresh application to the Local Planning Authority, or an Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate (based in Bristol).  Whatever the outcome, we can prepare the papers for you and handle the entire process, including accompanying the Planning Inspector on any site visits if required.

When making your planning application to the Local Planning Authority, SJC Planning will always take a proactive role, and if necessary, will negotiate with the planning officer during the planning application process, but sometimes the wrong decisions are reached, and put simply, that is why you have the right to appeal to the Secretary of State (known as the Planning Inspectorate).  

SJC Planning can handle the appeal on your behalf, dealing with both the administrative function of collecting the paperwork (plans, statements, any correspondence and the like) together with completing the appeal forms and the necessary planning policy statement / grounds of appeal.

If your proposals can be revised in some way, which doesn’t necessarily mean reduced in size, then this too can lead to an acceptable form of development.  Poorly presented drawings result in a development looking flat, bland and of poor design, it can simply be the case that the redrawing of detailed elevations and floor plans, accurately portraying the fenestration is enough to overcome the concerns of the planning officer.  You will be advised of this, as sometimes a resubmission to the Local Planning Authority is a much quicker and efficient way to gain a planning permission.

However, assuming that there is no scope for revisions, the three different ways of making an appeal (depending greatly on the scale of the proposed development) are:

SJC Planning is able to make an appeal on your behalf regardless of whether or not we have made the original planning application.  If we were not the original agents, then it is important that you (or your previous agent) supplies us with copies of all correspondence, plans and documents from the application.