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Trees make up part of our surroundings, making a valuable contribution to the landscape both visually and ecologically.  In some cases, the Local Authority will place a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on an individual, group or area of woodland, usually when they consider that there is a ‘threat’ to them.  This means that it is a criminal offence to cut down or damage the tree.

It should be remembered that in many cases, trees can positively influence developments, leading to a potential increase in property value.  However, it is crucial that any trees (whether protected or not) are considered prior to an application being made.  A lack of consideration can lead to an application being refused on grounds of unknown damage, or potential impact to a tree.

When applying  to prune, cut back or remove a protected tree, you must be able to demonstrate that it is either dead, dangerous or diseased and why any works are needed to the tree(s).  If you are looking to cut back or remove a protected tree (due to shading issues for example) as a starting point, SJC Planning will undertake a meeting with the tree officer, likely to be on site, for an informal discussion.  Depending on the state of the tree and your circumstances, a tree report may or may not be required.  This will all be discussed in detail with during a consultation.

If looking at developing your property and there is a potential issue with a tree, or group of trees, SJC Planning will advise you on this and inform you of your options.

SJC Planning work with a number of Arboriculturalists and Tree Surgeons on the Island, and can commission an arboricultural report (constraints plan or tree report) and put together the necessary report and other supporting documentation as required.