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13th July 2012

I have had various thoughts about this section of the website, on the one hand, I feel that it should be ‘strictly planning’ and with a complete non-political slant … but on the other, isn’t everything (planning or otherwise) just a matter of opinions?  In which case, perhaps this would be better suited to a personal view, my view, on the local and national planning news.  Let me have your views!

I think that Town & Country Planners get a bad name, I mean, we are responsible for the shaping of communities, with many acting on your behalf (certainly in the public sector) but whenever I tell people what I do, their eyes glaze over and I can tell they are asking themselves how on earth they can change the subject to talk about the weather!  But planning is an exciting topic, there is not a single inch of the country that isn’t managed … well, OK, maybe there are a few bits here and there, but in the main, everywhere is planned, managed and has, or at least has had, a purpose.  As citizens of the UK, we are all responsible for the state our neighbourhood is in and thankfully, we all have the opportunity to get involved in planning applications, whether they are for a porch on the neighbouring house, or even a whole new village, each view is taken into account, each view has the potential to shape the future of our surroundings.  My advice, regardless of the proposal is to simply get involved, whether this is a formal letter of representation (opposing, or supporting a scheme) or just a quick look over the plans.

In addition to trying to get my head around how I make this page to a ‘proper’ blog, I have set up both a Facebook and Twitter account, so you can follow me there!